15 Mar

Organizing Cool Web Finds

Organizing Online Articles

The internet is like a never-ending library with lots to learn and discover. As a matter of fact, the web contains much more information than books or libraries can offer. Many times people surf the web, they will find a lot of blog posts and articles containing valuable information that will not just benefit themselves, but also their friends, relatives, and colleagues. Web surfers will often find posts or articles that aren’t particularly helpful at the moment, but may be in the future.
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04 Mar

How to Research for Your Next Vacation Online

Summer Vacation Research

Are you planning for your next vacation today? If that’s what you do right now then why shouldn’t you do your research online? It is one of the best and also, the easiest ways to plan for a trip of any kind. Using the internet, you get endless resources as well as a fountain of information available, anytime of the day. Whether you’re researching for some train routes or you have to look for a vegetarian restaurant, certainly, you can become your own travel agent. You can find everything you need for your trip online.
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25 Feb

Neeah’s Web Archiving Tool Got A Face-lift and is now a Web Journal!


The Neeah web archiving tool is looking a little less like just a web archiving tool and a lot more like a web journal! Changes abound from the sign-up and log-in interface to the way all of your web page activity is presented. Within the new Neeah Web Journal you can easily track, share, notate, discuss and “favorite” web sites after browsing. You can keep a body of research together in tags or add your own notes about what was interesting on the page. The new updates make Neeah even more user-friendly and intuitive.
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01 Feb

How to Prepare for Singles Awareness Day (aka. Valentines Day)

rsz_singles_awareness_day (1)

Valentines Day, Singles Awareness Day, February 14th, the day people love, hate, and love to hate. It comes around every year and each year single individuals are reminded of well….just how single they are. Unfortunately, instead of focusing on all the loved ones in life, Valentines Day seems to focus on significant others. So, let’s everyone take a step forward and commit to enjoy the day, regardless of relationship status! Here are some simple steps to ensuring the best February 14th ever. Read More

01 Dec

3 Reasons to Start Online Tagging Now!


The latest and greatest in online organization is tagging. Tagging allows users to easily mark a webpage with a “tag” and move on with their research. Neeah features tagging as well as notes which save with the page. As soon as users start using tagging, they will wonder what they ever did without it. Need more convincing? Here are the top three reason to start using tagging for online organization. Read More

13 Nov

How to Search and Find Reliable Recipes Online

rsz_recipe_search (1)

My hobby іs cooking. І dіdn’t realize іt untіl І wаs showing а friend оf mine hоw tо prepare аnd cook а Moroccan Chicken Pie thаt іt hit mе. І rеаllу enjoy cooking. І will spend days іn thе kitchen making Indian оr Persian оr Moroccan dishes аnd invite mу friends tо а feast. Му husband thinks I’m crazy, mу friends thіnk I’m аn amazing cook, аnd І hаvе thе best time introducing mу friends tо nеw cuisines.
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